Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Random things about me

Here goes...

1. I'm a born dreamer. I guess that's the main quality visible of me being a Pisciean.

2. I am an extremes person always and never balanced!! I can be overly reactive, very sensitive, very sweet, or very angry. Whatever I do I do 100%.. this goes for both positive and negative stuff. Beware everyone :D

3. I love and appreciate art and creativity. I often go for books where the writers creative or artistic style impresses me.

4. I love to look at life on the lighter side always and never get serious (though I do extremely serious and emotional sometimes, look at point 2 above). I try and add humor to every situation in my own way. I love to laugh loud and sometimes I'm so loud that people have to ask me to hush :)

5. I am passionate about my job, and it is extremely hard for me to do a job just for a pay check every month. (Of course in these days of recession I am more than glad to 'just' have a job :) )

6. I love playing sports rather than watching them on television. I like watching tennis, gymnastics and swimming/diving on TV.
- I can swim pretty well except that I lack stamina :(
- I think I was pretty good at sports in school in general

- I am quite flexible ;) (When I was in the 2nd standard I learned gymnastics for a year, but we moved to Hyderabad after that. Otherwise I might have been in the Olympics by now and hopefully won some laurels :D)

7. I was born in Ahmedabad, then moved to Bangalore, was there for 7 years when I studied in Baldwin girls (that's where I learned gymnastics). Then moved to Hyderabad and am here for over 20 yrs now!

8. I tend to like to get to know a lot of people, but in the end find my comfort zone in a smaller group of close friends.

9. I am quite an introvert and don't open up to most people. Hence I also become hard to understand for others. (I guess I confuse people a lot and they may think I'm mysterious or secretive ;) now that's a hint there :D)

10. I am extremely moody but that's how I am. Its often hard to guess why I'm in a certain mood at a certain time. Sometimes i get really hyper and excited about things and at other times its the blues and I just don't wanna talk to anyone.

11. I hate routine and monotony, whether its cooking, day to day life, the way I execute my work. I love to keep changing things and doing the same thing differently. For example, even if I make the same dish several times, I always tend to make some minor changes in the recipe or I may change the way I do my work!! )

12. I really appreciate still photography and am on my way to learning how to take better snaps. I don't know any of the technicalities yet. My favorite shots are landscapes, and I hope to do good macros sometime.( But I still need to get that cool DSLR!! )
- You can check out my profile on Trek Earth where I've started my learning process. Trek Earth

13. I love planning and decorating the interiors of my house. I love colors and themes.

14. I can be quite finicky about keep the home and especially the kitchen clean. Once I get into a cleaning frenzy, no one can stop me!!

15. I love dogs in particular and all animals in general. I sometimes fantasize that I can connect well with them and maybe understand them too! Huh nice thought J (I don't know why I'm confident that someday I would meet a lion in the wild and it would do nothing to hurt me ... wanna try this soon :D)

16. I dream of a lot of adventure sports, but somehow have backed out of trekking offers several times for fear of having to carry my own luggage when I trek :( (anyone wanna give me a hand with that?? :D)
- Besides trekking I wanna do white water rafting as I love water, infact am crazy about water.
- I also dream of bungee jumping and doing a free fall by jumping off an aircraft from 10000 ft or something like that (let's see how far I get. To simplify things, I once thought jumping off the balcony of a multi-storyed building would be a good start, except that it could land me in jail :P Even jail maybe worth a visit ;))

17. I would love to travel in general and my preference would be to visit a lot of wildlife reserves. I'm scared of reptiles though as they give me the creeps, but I still wouldn't like to see them hurt. (But I am saddened by the depleting forest land and extensive poaching of wild animals :( )

18. I loved being in school the most. Somehow being in college wasn't as much fun. I still speak about my school days to so many people.

19. I love spending time with my family and parents.

20. I never watch soaps, reality shows much on TV. Infact I almost hate TV as you lose precious family time. I usually watch the news, selective sports during the matches that I listed above, Tom and Jerry shows, and movies.
- In movies I love the family 'nice' kinds and the hilariously funny ones. I can also watch some serious meaningful art films. I hate the action and gory ones and that explains my dislike for South Indian films. The cheap eve teasing and violence really gets to me!

21. I dislike politicians for all they are worth. I am least interested in voting. Infact I just got my voter id this year! As a kid I would hate to read the newspaper due to all the rubbish about corruption etc. I've lost a lot by not knowing facts, but that's how I was.

22. I love to write and have started with blogging for now. But I regret not doing it often enough but whenever I blog its satisfying. The following are my blogs:
- My reveries and pragmatism!
- Amused Bemused
- A professional blog which I need to do more work on...

23. I love cars and driving and I do drive pretty well, but the traffic drives me crazy. Over time with the frustration and everything I've come up with a list of best practices to drive in Hyderabad and I categorize this kind of driving under 'Defensive' driving! They worked well for me so far, but I still avoid the old city region and charminar!
- I'm looking forward to a really long drive on a highway just for pleasure sometime, but I need to learn more about the technicalities of my car before that. (I still cant even change a wheel and don't know where the fuse box is!!! God help me!! )
- my dream car is a BMW sports!!! Whoa now when will that ever happen???
- I am also fascinated by aircrafts and fighter jets.

24. I closely watch the screenplay of movies and often base my liking on it rather than just the story.

25. Sometimes I'm extremely practical and at other times I can be very emotional and live in my surreal fantasies.

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Oreen said...

a long drive toward Belum Caves after learning to fix the spare and also the fuse box can be a good idea.