Sunday, June 08, 2008

The winning streak? Is there something like this?

What's this winning streak? Something I always wondered as I grew up... why is it that in a highly competitive world, where there's no dearth of talent, confidence and skills, there are those who always win, and win their way through and through, making and breaking records, making history and leaving the world in awe of their adeptness! Watching them take the winning shots is such a marvel and leaves each one astounded, applauding and celebrating in excitement... Their persistence and consistency is commendable.

Was just watching the French open match between the World No. 1 Roger Federer and World No. 2 Rafael Nadal... Roger Federer, the undisputed champion, made history in breaking world records in tennis, 12 grand slams in a row, lost the French open to Nadal for the fourth time in a row, sharing the record with Bjorn Borg! Roger Federer beat all but one Rafeal Nadal at the French open. While Nadal has been a winner for four years at a stretch, Federer has been a runner-up for three of them... he won all but the French open! Nadal's nimbleness on the clay court has compelled Federer to accept defeat and laud him "a hell of a clay court player". But Federer still remains the winner of the greatest number of titles today, due to his versatility in playing on different types of courts, except that Nadal just kept his title as the number one player on clay courts. Finally at the ceremony, both Federer and Nadal displayed some true sportsman qualities by acknowledging the capabilities of their strongest contender (each other), displaying some exemplary behavior for the world to learn from.

To cite some more top performers in the field of sports, we have Michael Schumacher, the seven-time world champion in F1 racing, World No. 1 golfer Tiger Woods, or David Beckham one of the world’s finest footballers, and the list of persons with the ‘winning streak’ goes on… They all retired winners and have left people like me wondering what gives them an edge over the best of them? Why them every time? Their consistency in winning world acclaim leaves me dumbstruck… I then wonder what can we learn from them? I keep reading about their lives and how they went through life and made it big.

Lessons we can learn?

To answer some questions that I kept asking, I can quickly jot a few things that come to my mind:

- Identify your correctly and work towards perfecting it

- Start at an early age

- Be persistent and enduring

- Work on your confidence levels

- Work to improve on your weaknesses and and leverage on your strengths

Well well well… thinking of all this was exhausting for me; am still quite stupefied…what do you guys think? I need to get some sleep now....

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