Saturday, January 21, 2006

Feels great towards the end of my stay at Boston. The week just went by and I have a fantastic time tasting different kinds of food, meeting people, doing work, seeing around Boston ... Just to summarize the events, we went out into Boston downtown to see the Prudential tower, went to Harvard ( I plan to go there again tomorrow and check out the museums. ), tasted cuisines like Italian, American, Thai, Mexican and colonial.

The weather has been such a sport except for Sunday when it snowed slightly. Today is so cool and sunny that it almost seems like spring. Most locals are so surprised at having this kind of a weather in January, they say its 'uncommon'.

Meeting up with our previous project team from Progress Nashua was such a great experience. We had a really great time. We met up at a restraunt called On the border, which is on the border between Nashua and Bedford, in New Hampshire.

Still have to check out some shopping places and maybe do more in Washington DC once I'm there. Tomorrow is the Progress party and after that I'll fly out of Boston and into DC.... Let's see how things go from here on.

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